About Me

My name is Moriah and I'm so glad you've stopped by my blog! I am currently a mother of two little blessings, 13 months apart in age: a hilarious toddler boy and a sweet baby-pretty-much-toddler girl. Yes, life is crazy around here. Thanks for asking.

I originally started blogging as a way to document our family’s experiences for our own reference purposes. But as I continued to ponder it, the vision grew a bit. Throughout my first pregnancy, I had been haunted by the stereotype of women who lose their identities, their lives, or their "beauty" after they have children. Many people had told me, “Well, after the baby comes, you will never be able to do that again!" or, "When you become a mom, you will never be able to look like that again!" or, "Just wait until you have a baby! Everything changes and you will never be able feel that way ever again."

These words challenged me. Will I lose my identity? No. Although it certainly may change. Will I no longer be able to have a life of my own? No. But my family will definitely come first. Will I lose my physical beauty? Maybe. Maybe not. But who cares? Too often I see mothers fall into the deception of thinking they are no longer beautiful after sacrificing their bodies for their baby. This is a one-dimensional view of beauty (and even sacrifice) that I refuse to accept.

I believe that the moment my first child was born, I was also to be born into something new and beautiful: a mother. I had always been Moriah the daughter, the sister, the friend, and, more recently, the wife — but never had I been Moriah the mother. After my baby came, I became a new person, and I believe that my new role has enabled and inspired me to be a woman who has not lost her identity, but created a new one for herself by bringing new life into this world and putting that life above all else.

My kids are my inspiration. They inspire me to live life to the fullest and make sure I am pursuing my every day potential as a woman of God. Whether you're a mother or not, what I want you to take away from my blog is encouragement and inspiration to live your life's full potential every single day. This blog promotes an inspired life through faith, family, and creative inspiration. My hope is for women to find their passion and learn how to use their authentic gift to bless others and glorify God. My goal is for you to look at the talent and potential you have been blessed with, and to use it to better yourself and others.

On a lighter note, I want you to simply have fun reading about my new experiences as a mother of two, tap in on conversations of faith, family, marriage, womanhood, creative inspiration, and the handmade community.

Also, in conjunction with this blog, I run my own online store: Moriah Makes. Stay updated through my blog on details concerning the products I create and sell through Etsy. I see this adventure as a creative outlet for me and a way to meet and collaborate with other creative women. If we haven't "met", please drop me an email and introduce yourself: moriahsunde at gmail dot com
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