Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dressing the Bump

:: 22 Week Bump ::
Maternity Tank // Target
Maxi Dress // Kohl's
Glitter Flats // Target

The more babies I have, the more casual and versatile my wardrobe becomes. Long gone are the days of heels, above-the-knee skirts, and hand-wash-only blouses. Josiah and Lucia won't allow it. Lately, my pregnant mom uniform for this summer has been a combination of these few items:

  • maternity tank
  • maxi dress
  • maternity jean shorts
  • flats
A little boring, pretty predictable, but oh-so comfortable and stress-free. This selection gives me the security in knowing that nothing will fall out, fall off, or cause damage when reaching under the car, in a busy parking lot, for Chia's water bottle, or chasing Josiah down at the grocery store.

So, what's your go-to uniform for the summer? Any tips on helping dress this bump in high temps until fall? Oh, just wear a swim suit? Okay. 


  1. You are so cute! Maxi skirts have been a must for me this summer, especially with Vegas hitting the record high temps. :)

  2. I had my first son at the end of a record-breaking summer with no air conditioning. It was awful!!! In the end I wanted nothing around my waste-so I would wear dresses. I know I looked like a giant blog, but it didn't matter at that point ;)

  3. I wear dresses & skirts every day- I can't find maternity pants that actually fit correctly- should be fun come fall/winter!

  4. I love it! You look lovely. I've never been pregnant in the summer so no advice here but I'd say you're doing it right!

  5. ADOR-ABLE!!! love the look!!! totally my style. you look great!!! XO

  6. so cute! I say maxi dresses are the way to go!

  7. I need this dress. Was it recent? I am having a hard time finding NORMAL dresses...and not the high low kind or backless! What the heck! What happened to a plain ole tank top dress?!?!?! Is that too much to ask?! You look great! I love this outfit! Might have to replicate this weekend if I can find the dress!


  8. Playful and joyful yet graceful, Pink cocktail dress are the cutest of all cocktail dresses. Fashionable and girly, you'll be the living Barbie of your time. Who's heart won't melt for these cutest and magnificent dresses ever ?


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