Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etsy Contest - Rayna Jaye

I am so excited to share one of my favorite shops (and shop owners) with all of you today. Say hello to Rayna, one of my beautiful cousins and creator of Rayna Jaye.

She shouldn't be a stranger to you at all, because I am constantly sharing my new favorite items that she adds to her shop on a weekly basis.  I am in love with all of the fun hair accessories Rayna makes for little girls and women.  Her rosettes, feathers, flower pieces and buttons make her designs so unique and admirable. You MUST check out all of her fun stuff!

Let me tell you that there is such an endless list of talents this woman has been blessed with!  To name a few: she's a gorgeous mama to two incredibly adorable children, an amazing and unbelievably creative hairstylist, an extremely talented photographer, and now has been an Etsy shop owner since the beginning of this year! I am so excited that she finally took the leap to open her shop and share her handmade creations with the world (and me)!

Rayna has decided to bless one of my readers with a beautiful Midnight Gardens - Rosette handmade hair clip from her shop! Isn't it gorgeous? I know you want it...

Let's learn a little more about this pretty gal before we move on to the contest...

Give us a summary of your store and your handmade products:
I sell handmade rosette headbands and hair clips. I am hoping to expand on the items I am selling this fall!

What inspired you to start selling your products on Etsy, and how long have you had your shop? 
Being a stay-at-home mommy, I needed a way to channel my creative energy after the kids went to bed. I started making the rosettes just for fun and was encouraged by my Cousin Moriah (your favorite blogger) to open an Etsy shop! I have now been open since February 2010. Thank you, Moriah :)

...(No. Thank you, Rayna!)...

What makes your product(s) stand out amongst the rest? 
I didn't get my rosettes from a pattern or on a "How-To" from YouTube, so my rosettes are one of a kind. I haven't seen anything out there exactly like mine. I also think the mixture of the fabric rosettes with the metal hardware and buttons make them unique.

How much time a week do you spend on your business? Is this your job or just a hobby? 
It really depends. Some weeks I might spend ten hours and some I might spend zero. I really want this to be something fun and enjoyable, so when it starts to feel like work I take a short break to feel refreshed and inspired.

What first made you want to become an artist?
Since I was little I have enjoyed anything to do with crafts. My grandma taught me how to sew and I would make pillows, quilts and remote control holders for my friends and family. Creating is fun and relaxing to me and is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Aside from your Etsy shop, what other creative things interest you?
I love photography! I think it is amazing how you can capture a moment in time with just a click.

What's your favorite product you've purchased from another Etsy seller? 
I love my Sweet Babie Booties from MyBellaBaby and my daughter's silver bangle bracelet from Danitaapple.

Let's get personal: where do you see yourself in ten years? 
I would love to go back to school for photography and graphic design. Being the best a mommy I can be is my number #1 priority right now and everything else to follow is just a bonus.

Thanks for letting us see a glimpse into your life as a mama and Etsy shop owner, Rayna!  You are truly an inspiration to new moms like me trying to start up their own business!

Now, to enter the contest and win the cute Midnight Gardens - Rosette hair clip from Rayna Jaye:

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Good luck, everyone!

- Moriah

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